Skin treatments in the comfort of your own home

 Glowing radiant skin and ultimate relaxation.


Luxury facials lifting Regenerating

delivered to your home

What does a facial at home entail!

A facial at home is exactly the same as getting one from the salon. A facial is one of the best ways to detox your skin and leave your skin rejuvenated and renewed from the daily stresses of life.

Treatment targets reshape the face, lift the cheekbones, and make the skin more radiant.

When ordering a facial treatment at home you simply need to sit back and relax.


Clean skin, fresh-faced, ready for anything, it’s your time to GLOW!

This treatment regenerated your skin, which felt so young, tonic, and delicate.

Duration Treatment:


2.00 Hours



The multiple-step process of a facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, and a variety of face serums, creams, and moisturizers from Estée Lauder.


Expans ?


At your home

100 euro for 1 client

180 euro for 2 clients

To this is added the transport to you, if it is out of town.

Glow Treatment

   Recommend cycle:  This facial is what you need once a month

Duration of treatment: 90mn bespoke dedicated for your skin,       from cleansing to soothing.


   Face Cleaning & Nu Skin AgeLoc

Lymphatic Face neck and decollete massage


Hands Massage


Price: 100 euro for 1 client,180 for 2

You can Add :

Hydrating Vitamin-Infused Oxygen Hyperbaric Treatment     45′

Price: 60 euro

   Acne-Fighting Blue/Red/Infrared LED Lights or

   Collagen Boosting Red/Infrared/Yellow LED Lights                  30′

Price: 30 euro

Golden Spoon                                                                                    30′

Price: 30 euro


  To this is added the transport to you if it is out of town.