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With more time on our hands at home, it presents an opportunity to master the art of the self-facial.


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 DOUBLE CLEANSE YOUR SKIN everything you need to know


While a daily skincare routine is always recommended, for professional-level results from a facial it takes more than a cleanser-exfoliate-moisturize rotation.

Cleansing is such an important step to great skin because your products are only able to work optimally on a clean slate.

Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution is attracted to your skin and if they aren’t washed properly, they could potentially contribute to aging, pigmentation, and breakouts.


First step :

DOUBLE CLEANSING involves using first a balm, cleansing oil, milk to break down make-up, SPF, sebum, and dirt on the surface of your skin first. Apply with circular movement the cleanser than with a damp cotton pad remove.
This removes also sweat, bacteria, and dead cells.

Be sure to massage your cleanser in for a minute to remove all.


Second step :

Cleansing then with deeper water-based, will clean much deeper into the pores to remove any impurities.

The temperature of the waters matters, too. To hot and you could risk irritating the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or skin conditions such as rosacea.

Is best to rinse with water that is lukewarm.




If you’re tired of using your hands or a cotton pad you can use special brushes

Facial cleansing brushes remove makeup and exfoliate.

Apply cleanser to wet skin, and massage along your face in circular motions for a minute or so. The results? Exfoliated, smooth, and clear skin.

What tool should I use to wash my face?

If you want to have complete control over your facial cleansing use Foreo or PMD brush.

About these brushes:


SonicGlow Technology Breaks down dirt and oil from within pores more7000vibrations per minute, while operating at the perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin.

The Beauty of Silicone. Using ultra-hygienic silicone, PMD Clean, and Foreo is odor-resistant, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Our brush head never needs replacing.


Customize for All Skin Types. A powerful cleansing device with bristles gentle enough for all skin types. The four customizable modes provide a full spectrum of cleansing options.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage. Supercharge your skincare regimen by using our SonicGlow technology to massage serums and moisturizers into the skin for a more youthful look.




For deep cleansing and detoxifying your skin of impurities and dead skin cells,15 minutes, two-to-three times a week.

Aira ionic facial steamer is perfect for all skin types. It clarifies skin’s complexion, offers better blood circulation, makes skin more receptive to skincare treatments resulting in a more moisturized and softer appearance. Aira uses an ion generator that enriches the water molecules, helping the steam penetrate and clean even deeper.




NEWKEY facial steamer home facial designed with EXCLUSIVE Atomizing Lamp and new sonic atomizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. Nano steam combined with ionic water particles is up to 10x more effective in penetrating the skin. It can unblock your pores and improve your skin tone, which is non-invasive and even relaxing! That means you can enjoy professional facial SPA at home or even on travel!

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